Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Landon, my superstar

Landon went on a field trip to the apple farm today and here is the note from the aide who was with him.  I was sent an email:

Landon had a great time on our field trip to Apple Farm today. He waited patiently w/ kids for the big tractor to come, entertaining himself by exploring the stones on the ground and the ropes, etc. The first few minutes on the tractor he wasn't quite sure what to think, but soon became interested in watching the driver (we sat in the middle of the wagon, facing forward). When we were picking apples, he had a blast putting them into the bag! He laughed very hard (so funny!) every time he placed an apple in the bag. He picked the apples off the tree w/ some hand-over hand help to grasp (the apples were pretty wet/slippery), and filled his bag. When his was full, he helped me fill my larger bag. I have lots of apples for my family, b/c he just enjoyed this so much! He liked the sound they made kerplunking into the crinkly bag, but he also was watching where each apple fell onto another, etc. We did Big & Small apples. There was some singing while waiting to go back, but also some playing and walking around. He really liked the stony path between the apples. The kids all had a snack (goldfish & graham crackers), then got to play a few minutes before we left the farm. He walked through the apple barn with me, and he liked the big orange pumpkins but did not like the ugly bumply gourds! Good observation, Landon! :) Fell asleep for the ride back to school, but woke up in van happy upon our return.

So proud in general of this little man.  I have more to update, but he is working hard, so hard.  So many other kids, things come so easy to.  He works 10x as hard to get the same skill.  What an inspiration and it will serve him well in the future, because truly,  nothing worthwhile comes easy to anyone.

Love my boys!

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