Sunday, October 5, 2014

expectations of society vs. what actually matters

I have been thinking about this as the holiday season starts approaching.  as someone with way too much on my plate as it is, I have yet to decorate for fall. I did not put too much out last year because it would just be broken, and same goes for this year.  I will get some things out soon and maybe even today, but minimally because I live with two monsters :)

I am not hyping up Halloween or even Christmas.  It's sad when my kids are unable to communicate and society has a great idea that all these kids could say "Trick or Treat" or even care about candy.  Mine don't/can't.  Landon has never eaten candy and I don't expect to start right now.  We plan to hand out candy at home, do minimal costumes, and go to a few houses nearby.  No huge deal, and I am glad school doesn't celebrate either.  That makes it nice without feeling like I have to go all out for a costume my kids may not wear, and it's money I don't have.

Thanksgiving is easier and that's just food and family.

Christmas hopefully is low key and a few gifts for the kids.  They have so much stuff already, but the time together will be nice.

Anyways, someone had posted about sensory friendly costumes on my apraxia page and a few ppl had said it really doesn't matter too much, and you know what, those people are right.  Feeling loved, happy, and secure is what matters.  Many of us have no extra money for these things, and our kids don't know it and don't actually care either.

Rant over:)

Happy Fall!!

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