Sunday, September 21, 2014

Keep it in perspective

I am a member of the delayed darlings group on babycenter.  I don't post much, but there are others with kids with apraxia or hypotonia, etc, on there, and I feel like I can add something as an SLP sometimes, too, so I check it every few days.  I feel alone in this journey, but I am trying to keep it in perspective.  A lady the other day posted about her 3.5 year old son.  He just learned to crawl.  He cannot chew and he doesn't eat any table food.  I think he still gets a bottle.  She was pleased that he started to realize where to put his hand in the hole of his shirt.  Wow.  Then my sister was on the phone with me the other day and a nurse or someone buzzed to me talk to her (she is the NP) and there was a patient getting teeth extracted before radiation...Kristin said age 34.  So while I have my ups and down and truly do feel rather alone, I am so blessed for the boys I have and the life I get to live each day.

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