Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What goes up, must come down

This is the ride I am on, but it is sometimes affecting me less and less, because I know my kids, but anyways, both had rough days.

Landon's sheet actually circled "tough day" for behavior, said he cried throughout morning, refused to do yoga, did not eat, and they actually took his temp.  Poor guy.  I don't know what is up, but that is the journey.

Then, Logan had two sessions today.  Positives:  He drank from a straw independently for the first time! He is babbling using many sounds.  Negatives:  Today I was called and although I already knew, the words "global apraxia" were said to me.  I knew this.  I said it since about 8-9 months.  I knew this. It hurts of course.  Logan has a totally different personality than Landon, which they said hurts him.  Landon was frustrated(he is still) and he was driven.  He has a big personality.  Logan is so laid back.  He doesn't care.  The teacher said his progress is slow and he is not displaying all his skills because he spends the day climbing the slide.  I have to work with Logi more for sure.

Anyways, yes, two kids with global apraxia, genetics.  Maybe less my fault somehow.  Two kids in Early Intervention before one year old.  That's me.  Will I ever stop fighting for either of them?  Not while I am living.

Upward and onward...hoping tomorrow is better!!

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