Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Made it a month already

Landon has been in school a month since today. Phew.  Each day I am surprised we make it.  I have more severe kids on my caseload this year, my own two kids receiving a total of 9 services together, and two nannies plus my in laws helping out.  I am always shocked we make it through!!
Throw in a lot of Jewish holidays Logan has been closed for and having an intern and stress has been high.  Luckily, only four more jewish Holidays left, and hopefully not much more time for me to take off.  I do enjoy being with my kids, but I hate missing the kids at work too, and I would like to try to keep some days just in case I need them when they are actually sick!  It is a tough trade off.

Bonus is I am off on Monday for Columbus day and a day for Jewish holiday next week = 3 days of work next week. :)

Landon loves school and hopefully Logan will be there next year too.  There is a toddler program for kiddos getting services.

I had more to write, but I am tired.  I put the tv on for Landon, and I have work to do!!

Kim :)

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