Monday, October 13, 2014

Songs of sorrow

When I started this blog, my friend, Laura, said songs of sorrow are ok too, that they are realistic and will be good to look back on.  The songs of sorrow continue.  It's horrible, I know.  I have two adorable, happy, and loving little boys, and yet my heart aches to hear words! Consistent words! that are recognizable to others beyond me.  I said to my brother today that i could give my left arm for that and he said to be patient, but I would.  I can't think of anything right now that I would not give for either, especially Landon, who has been working so hard, to learn to talk. I would give anything.  It's a desperate plea. It's the prayer I say all day long.  It's the ache in my heart.  I can't escape it.  It is an all day thing.  It's I hear someone speaking at the park, the restaurant, even at school, even when they are poor, or sit in front of the tv; they talk.  I immediately think not fair.  I see someone smoking when they are pregnant and as horrible as it is, my first though is, bet their kid will talk.  I see someone eating a hotdog or whatever, and think, they will speak.  It is just not fair.  I need to pick myself up, because already I don't want to do Christmas this year at all.  Hoping soon there is a miracle.  Please God, please, please, please, let my boys speak.  Whatever you want, I will do, whatever.

That's the prayer everyday.


To God be all the Glory. Amen.

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  1. I read this, and I then I just read your text. Looks like He heard your prayer today.