Saturday, October 25, 2014

I keep forgetting...

That the speech is not going to be crystal clear as it comes in.  Landon has been talking more.  The words are not always clear.  There are no final consonants used and the prosody is off, making a lot of the words sound the same, even if the stress is supposed to be somewhere else. I think that makes sense.
Today he said "no" a few times and it's not a super loud sound and the /n/ is not as strong sounding in that makes sense.  He is doing more jargon, which I think is good, because he is trying to say something and he is working on getting it out.  It is a stage he had not been to before.

and then I read a study on using anti bacterial soap causing some neurological disorders and I feel like I can't win.  I definitely  used that stuff non stop with my kiddos when I was pregnant.  ugh. I work in a school.  Basically, the environment is being linked to a lot of this... I don't know.  It is a scary world in which to be a parent!

Night night

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  1. Kimberly. When I was pregnant with Nicholas (and now) I ate hotdogs and turkey and blue cheese. I didn't think twice. I'm a nurse.. I use antibacterial soap at least 55x a day every time I walk into and out of a room. You did NOTHING to cause this. Stop with that, it's unhealthy to think. This happened and we are dealing with it and both my bears are beautiful children who I wouldn't change even if I could <3