Saturday, August 2, 2014

The best one to come play/help

I posted about my dad before.  It has been a week since I saw him and no plans to see him this weekend, which I am alone all weekend, but that's ok.

On Thurs, my cousin, Ally, who is Logan's godmother, and the same age as me, texted to ask about coming Friday. Perfect, I thought. I am alone and I would love some help.  She is truly the best one with the kids.  She brings no other kids, so 100% attention is with us.  She always wants to help clean.  She does dishes, she picks up, she helps me organize.  She does it all and she is soooo good with the boys.  Even Landon, who kind of got to know her last year when he was super attached to me, was playing with her, holding her hand, just happy.  She stayed with us for four hours, dinner, bathtime, got to go to the park, which is so hard with both of them alone, impossible really.  And the other side is Ally cannot get pregnant.  She has been trying almost 3 years, just did another round of IVF, and she keeps saying all she wants is one kid.  Just one.  I looked at her yesterday and said I worry incessantly about my boys, I mean, it's constant, but I am so grateful to have them. so Incredibly grateful.  Thank you God for my cousin, Ally, and for allowing me to be a mom.

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