Monday, August 11, 2014

Landon my sweetie

Landon can't talk well.  He has some words he can say well and some sounds he uses well and words tend to come and go still.  Some days he talks a lot, and other days, not so much.  That's how it works right now.  That is apraxia.  He is a happy boy.  He is a very smart boy.  One thing he is doing very well is social development.  This area is hard without speech.  Ever since he was little, everyone said wow he is so social.  They say the same thing about Logan now, even moreso than Landon, but in my head, I always think, wait till he can't talk and his peers can.  It makes it hard.  Both my boys love people and kids and being around others.  Both are always looking for attention.  Anyways, when Logi was born, Landon was just 18 months old.  He could not understand there was a baby coming, and pretty much, Aunt Loo Loo brought him home and Mommy had a baby there.  He ignored Logan in the beginning.  He could help me give him a bottle if I asked, but he just was there.  When he started moving, he became more interested, and now I can say that he loves him.  even if I ask do you love Logan, he nods yes.  He kisses him all the time and tries to engage him in play nonverbally. He always wants Logan to play chase, so he hides around the corner, comes out, tries to say something to him, and runs away.  Logan gets it, and he loves it.  When Logan catches him, Landon hugs and kisses him.  Landon is my hero.  He is so brave and he keeps trying.  He is truly the sweetest boy.

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