Sunday, August 24, 2014

Busy getting ready for school

Landon's preschool is free for him, since he is going as a special needs kid.  I thought I would save money, but it will be at least $450 a week for both the boys by the time this is done.

so far, this is what I have

Lori and Jim (inlaws) Am 7:15- drop him off at school at 9
Julie- one lady I hired, to pick him up at 12, feed lunch, he will nap at her house $11 an hour

Tuesday- Looking for nanny- interviewing today-
Will be at my house at 715, stay, maybe drive him, Clean, have lunch ready, etc, leave by 3.  I hope she will take like $8 an hour.

Wednesday AM- Nanny interviewing today would arrive to house by 715, stay with him, bring to school
Lori and Jim pickup noon, bring him to my house, lunch, nap, leave when we get home.

Thursday and Friday will look like Monday...

I had a nanny all set up, and now for three weeks, she has not written back :( ugh. so I had to put another ad on  I hope this works out!

Busy few days-- I have a trial nanny run Monday, tues, Landon's special ed team comes to meet him, plus all the regular therapy.  Wed, back to work..

We shall see..

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