Monday, August 18, 2014

The things you would never notice

I am a stickler for details and I see everything.  I have an amazing memory which I have always enjoyed.  I haven't read the milestone lists since Landon, yet I remember ridiculous one; by 15 months, say shh with your finger to your lips.  That is a ridiculous thing.  What if a child can't even isolate the index finger by then?!? Anyways, I have most people with kids hidden on fb and that has been amazing.  On instragram, it is much harder. I forget they are out there and then boom a picture comes up. If there is something in "quotes," I assume it is something the kid said.  Gets annoying.  Anyways, if you weren't in this world, you would not see much.

I despise the 1st bday pictures with the kids feeding themselves cake.  Neither of my boys could self feed by 1 year.

I hate the straw pictures.  Just the other day, there is a kid about the age of Logan and I know the straw wasn't the point of the picture, but that is what I saw.

I see pointing.

I see smiling on command, something Landon cannot do.

I see kids saying "ooh," but their lips are rounded.

Of course, there is walking and climbing, and maybe using a potty that people find necessary to share on social media.

i am sure I don't see the other stuff, though.  I don't post my fears or my worries or my kids' deficits, so sure others don't post theirs.

But until you are in this world, you are probably missing the details.  Good for you.

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