Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I do it all

This is not to make myself feel good, or to list everything I am doing, but to have two kids getting services is exhausting.  My husband does not get it at all.  I just do it, there is no thank you, there is no questioning, or asking, or even reading their notebooks.  I do it all.  I mean, all.  I am pissed at him and just hung up the phone.  I set up a meeting with a potential nanny for the fall for Landon for MWF, to pick him up at school, take him to her house for a nap, and be picked up.  I had to get my cousin to help me last Friday so I could take Landon to the meeting-- Alex had a three day, all day long, golf tournament.  Do you think I got a thank you for watching the boys, or a you did a great job with them... ummmm, no.  It's expected.  I have to set up a secondary meeting with this lady, Julie, who gave me paperwork to fill out.  Who filled it out?  ME.  She said either Wed at 12:30 or Thurs at 8.  I already set up Logan's 6 month review-- oh wait, who called the service coordinator and two therapists for that?? me.  Who wrote out goals for Logan? me.  anyways that is Friday at 12:30 and my husband complained that it was then because he just gets off work, so I picked Thurs at 8 to meet with Julie at my house.  My husband has golf league Thursdays, which he leaves for at 1.... so it's not that 8 o'clock is not 7 hours already of golf, but he flipped out, says he will not rush back, etc.  So I just said it's thurs at 8, it's for landon, and I am getting very sick of this, and I hung up.  To be honest, that's one reason I keep working... if this doesn't work out long term with us, I need to make sure I have a plan for me. and I am telling you, being selfish and unappreciative is not making me happy.  HOW ABOUT thank you for setting this up, finding this lady, etc, and I will try my best to be home because I know it is important for Landon.

And this week alone and let's see it is TUESDAY!!!

I have:
-written two notes for the therapists in the notebook
-talked to Juliet
-talked to PT 2x
-left voicemail for craniosacral therapy
-set up private ot
-spoke to two private SLPs
-filled out paperwork for the fall
-Spoke to Landon's OT
-3-4 emails/phone calls to set up the music therapy eval, which is now next week
-spoke to Landon's support teacher for the fall, that was a long phone call.
-set up nanny apt

Give me a flippin' break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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