Saturday, August 2, 2014

Why do we become moms?

I remember before i became a mom, I knew I wanted kids.  Why?? It is so much work.  Do people become moms for selfish reasons, like it will feel so good that i am wanted, someone to take care of me, someone to spend time with. Do they do it to carry on traditions/memories?  Does it unite them as a family? Do they truly enjoy kids?  A whole lot of reasons.  I know after you have one child, people think I need a second so they have buddies, or I have even heard it's been so amazing and fun and filled me up with the first, I just NEED to have it again, like a drug you need a hit on, that feeling of being loved.  Maybe that's what it is.... crazy love.  Whatever the reason, they grow and sometimes you don't keep that close relationship, no matter what, time changes everything.  so it is an in the moment kind of thing.  I try to remember that.  my kids are the other half of me, no doubt.  I would give anything for their happiness and I have said to Alex many times, I would deplete my bank account (already am for tx, daycare, etc, anyways) for them to speak. I would give up my wedding rings EASILY and not wear another one, for Landon to talk.  ANYTHING.  That's what moms do.  But it's not my life truly, it is theirs.  We are just a small part.  An important part, but not all.  Alex and I don't have the extra money now to take them lots of places.  We can't afford much right now, but what we can give is love and support and time. and I guess in the end, those are the memories I hope they remember when the next part of their lives come ....

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