Saturday, August 23, 2014

sick of

I am sick of the constant whining.  I notice kids who talk don't whine that much.  I always have to reassure and explain things to Landon because he can't ask questions, so we pull up somewhere and he whines, and I have to say, we are at a new doctor to help you talk and they will be doing xyz.  plus, just around the house, he whines.  How frustrating to know exactly what you want to say and can't say a damn thing.  Today is a day I would like to cry with him because he has already cried for a half hour straight today trying to say something, I have not a clue, I got out the pecs and the talker, but he was already past that point. Then he hits and hits and hits.  I can usually redirect, but today it really hurt.  I put him in timeout, which I feel sick about, and he is just crying and crying.  I got him out and he hugged me, just leaned into me, and cried. I feel so awful.  2 weeks till school starts and hopefully more progress.  Then I will be doing this all with Logan.  Somedays life sucks.

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