Saturday, August 30, 2014

Coming out with it

I started this post a few times, but lately I have to say something.  Landon is not nearly 2 and babbling with some random words; now, he is almost 3 and it is definitely easy to tell he is way behind in expressive language.  I feel like most who spend time with us see how well he understands and tries to talk, but he is so hard to understanding and there's a lot of made up words that seem to mean something, but it's hard to tell.  I have had to say things lately.  it's awful.  I saw a friend I  had not seen since Lan was 18 months a couple weeks ago.  I told her.  I had to tell nannies, even said something to someone, a teacher, the other day who never heard of it.  Oh, I had to tell the photographer who took the kids pics last weekend,... Today we have a bbq with friends. A friend of mine I went to grad school with will be there.  I will have to say apraxia and she will know what it means.  Even SLPs often don't realize that apraxia is often global and often has a sensory component, so we shall see.
Anyways, I have been in hiding,but can't be forever.  Maybe next is education.

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