Monday, July 28, 2014

My biggest critic

is my dad.

I live 2 blocks from my dad.  There are maybe 15 houses between us, and we live in the city, so not a lot of space here.  I don't see him a lot.  I see him every 3rd week probably, more if I walk up there.  He stopped by yesterday morning.  This is probably a sad post.  Anyways, when he comes in, it's always just random.  He stopped for maybe 10 minutes yesterday, probably 3-4 of it he was on his phone.  He comes in, sits down, never down with the kids, and starts the questions.  Is Landon talking yet?  Is Logan walking?  I just feel like everytime he comes I have to have something to show him that's good. So yesterday, I had Logan walk across the room. Landon did his fishing puzzle and the boys are always kissing on each other, so he saw that.  Quick as he was there, he left, and he will be gone for a bit again.  He just can't seem to relate much to my kids, or really want to get to know them.  We definitely don't have that active grandparent role here, where those tight relationships are formed.  Maybe when they are older, my dad will be better.  Literally, Alex was upstairs in the bathroom, and when he came down, my dad was gone.  poof.  where's the progress...  I am outta here.

My mom would have been much different to us.

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