Monday, September 1, 2014

It's not his fault

This is a phrase I say to my husband all the time.  My husband just isn't as patient as me, and I know many others, even my sister has said she wouldn't, couldn't have the strength to do just that.  Landon's sensory issues are generally visual, like he likes to look over items, or he gets distracted visually; however, this has gotten better with the addition of the b12 injections we have done.  He always doesn't like new things on him, like he wouldn't wear his winter boots last year, so I gave up. I knew they were tight,and I just put him in sneakers and carried him to the car.  I will have to figure out something for this coming year..  He doesn't like hats unless he is very cold, sunglasses, or things like that.  We have introduced the puddle jumper for swimming a few times this summer.  I knew he wouldn't like it. It is tight, foreign, etc, but this am, my husband decided to try it.  Landon got into it ok, but he hated it on. he was thrashing, trying to get it off, we got him in with it, and here's where we differ:  i would do one minute on, praise him, try longer next time, or really, just try next year, but Alex says he should keep it on if he wants to stay swimming, so Landon decided he was all done swimming.  It started his day off bad.  Then I told Alex everyone has sensory issues- he says no, you don't.  I said I hate crowds, being hot, having my food touch, etc.  Everyone one does.  I will add tolerance to things like boots to Landon's goals for the school year.  he starts school on 9/8 and I don't know what I expect: a miracle, no, but progress would be amazing, noticeable spoken language progress is what I would give him every last item I own for.  Time will tell.

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