Sunday, February 1, 2015

Seriously hating winter

It's Feb 1. About 1 more months of winter left, then we at least get out of the teens and freezing weather.  My moods take a nose drive this time of year.  The kids can't get outside, which means so much of the day is focused on what they cannot do.  Yesterday we did get them a bounce house in a nearby mall and it was fun.  Logi is crazy and Landon is so happy.  Someone actually came up to me to tell me how social and friendly Logi was.  That was great.  Landon was busy dancing in the disco room lol.  He is his own man for sure.  Today is Willie's baptism, a great day.  Due to naps and sicknesses, I am only going to the baptism so far.  If the kids get up early, I can make it to the party.  I thought of this last night, pls sleep in, pls sleep in, but Alas, Logi was up at 5:10 and Landon was later, maybe 545.  It is logan who can't make it later in the am. He ate lunch at 10:30 today... just venting.  so much I want to do and can't or circumstances are holding me back.  Husband has no clue what to say or how to help.  just basically it feels like my fault if things don't work out.  On tuesday, i am meeting with a friend from the apraxia group who is an OT and AAC expert.  I am going to push the AAC now.  at least then we have a way to communicate that is more consistent.  Not waving the white flag, but moving on.  Sickness has not helped January be any progress.

Oh, and Logi got all his scores for the next 6 months
Speech/Language: 65
Social: 81
Adaptive: 85
Cognitive: 77
Fine motor: 67

Receptive higher than expressive.  It's motor planning written all over the report.  Deja vu. Genetics suck sometimes!!

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