Sunday, February 22, 2015


Sometimes we work so much harder on a milestone, so much harder, and have much more worry.  Parents really have no idea what it means when their kid does xyz, until you have been waiting for it.  Logi is fairly low tone, no shoulder stability, weak trunk, etc.  He sits with a rounded back and poor posture.  That has been helped by the taping he has going on.

Anyways, today at 22 months, 6 days old, he index finger pointed for the first time! I did not see it, but when Alex woke me up, it's the first thing he said.  Even he gets it.  Does it mean Logi will do that every time now? no, probably not. The nature of motor planning is lots of repetition, but it is in there, and he can do it again. That's with no OT services, since he has not started yet.  Just hard work on the parts of my family.

So today was a good day.

Then Landon took his blocks and started to put them in a line on the floor. After the first couple he stood up and tried to walk on them.  So I remarked that it was a balance beam and we put more down.  We then walked all over it. #pretendplay


Have a good Sunday!

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