Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sometimes it feels like it's just the speech

Sometimes I look at Landon, and he is so aware, so connected to me, to his brother, to his teachers, to his family; he is always happy and he tries very hard.  Sometimes I think it's just speech.  once he talks, he will be ok, but there is still so so so so much to do.  It is very overwhelming.  One thing Dave said which i knew, but I did not feel he needed to say was, "I don't see a single skill here developed at his age level."  Now he did not assess his numbers, colors, concepts, shapes, letters,which Landon is pretty good at, nor did he see him move along a playground or anything, but ugh.  That hurt a lot.  It just stung.   Each day, we keep working hard and moving along and trying our best.

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