Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Maybe "ignorance" is bliss or maybe it's better to think that way

Case in point: my husband

He is a great dad and he loves those boys so much.  He has still probably not read or knows much about apraxia, developmental coordination disorder, hypotonia, or sensory processing disorder.  Landon was banging something yesterday, like he often does, and Alex is like Landon why do you have to bang that?  I told him, he has sensory issues. He still bangs things.  Alex looks at me exasperated.  Landon did one other thing yesterday and I can't remember what, and I had to explain why.  Alex tutors a teacher I work with- her son for math.  This lady is the best special ed teacher I have met and she can really move kids.  I already talked to her about tutoring my boys in a few years for reading.  Alex says, they both love to read, so they won't read tutoring.  I don't think he has any ideas what the standards are now, or how a child learns to read.  I asked Alex what he thoughts about me coming out on fb about my boys having apraxia, and he doesn't want me to yet.  He says, and this part I liked, "Apraxia is not all they are about."  True.  Seems like we both are taking different paths to deal with or not deal with this.

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