Monday, February 2, 2015


Jealousy is such a bad feeling.  bad bad bad.  I know it's not good to be jealous of others, but I can't help it.  I am even jealous of other kids with special needs making faster verbal progress than my kids.  How awful is that?  i just think how is it this possible?  I know our time will come sometime, but in the meantime, I get mad reading other people's blogs or posts with more progress.  I can't even read lately about someone's mom watching their kids or babysitting or helping out.  i barely ever see my dad it seems.  Somedays I hate fb.  I think I will definitely give it up for Lent this year just to get a break.  I need it.  Jealousy is a bad feeling.

I try to be positive right?  Try so hard.

My boys are happy happy happy.  Landon is less frustrated and really mostly gets mad when he hits and then he bursts into tears and he feels so bad he did it.  I hate that.  I want to cry with him.  I tell him it's ok- you will talk one day. it's ok. it was an accident.

Landon is doing great with utensils.  He is eating lots of different things.  He is doing better playing on his own, but I do catch him flipping his books if he is alone.  If he is with you, he just reads with you.  He knows he is not supposed to, so he is always looking out for you.  He needs so much help with speech, but within the context of a book, I can get him to answer questions, such as Who is hungry.  Who is on the slide?  Where is the... Show me the yellow bird.

At school, I keep hearing "IT'S ALL IN THERE." "He is on the cusp."  How long can you sit on the cusp?  He said his name this week in circle time, the next day, could not say it, so got up and hit the big mac for his name. He knows when and when he cannot do things, which is amazing to me.  Landon is just amazing period.

Logi is logi.  He doesn't listen and he is crazy.  He is super social, so I do like that and gets me less worried.  speech much more severe though, but we take what we get.

Keep the prayers up and so sorry for so many of you that I am insanely jealous of- I can't help it.


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