Thursday, January 29, 2015

Two different sides of the same coin

When Landon was 18 months, and I was sure he had apraxia, everyone in my family, said no way.  Now, they know.  Same with Logan.  I have  been hearing he is so xyz or not at all, or when my sister spent time with him in Oct, he is not the same, but now they see, yes he is.  They are different though.  Personalities are different, motivation is different, and therefore I am sure, their progress will be different.  Logan also has no lax in services, but Landon had me 1:1 for longer. 

Logan is further behind than Landon with everything speech.  He can't point or identify objects yet.  He can't respond to questions the same way Landon could.  He has just a few consonants.  He is a lot less cautious, he tries more things, and he imitates actions better.  He is also stronger. 

Landon is more determined I think.  I think Landon is probably a gifted iq.  Landon is more aware.  Logan is more social. 

They are both happy, give the best kisses, both have super silly personalities, the best laugh, and are loved.

God will provide enough for us to move through this. 

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