Sunday, February 8, 2015

Good weekend so far

So far, the boys have been great this weekend.  I got the rest of Logan's reports and Landon's progress reports and feel ok.  Logi's stuff is mostly speech.  He is so, so, so, so far behind in speech.  He also is not pointing, but he really is low tone/poor shoulder stability.  He qualified for OT, then I find out there are 25 kids on the waiting list and he may not even get it.  Ridiculous.  So I am on the hunt.  

Landon's progress report had some good things:
-"Landon is a very smart boy. He understands much more than he is able to communicate."
-"Landon is a special boy with a great sense of humor."
"Landin is very self motivated.  He has had a few interactions with peers that were sustained for a least five minutes."
-"Novel play schemes are met with refusal.  Repeated exposure helps him, but novels activities are difficult for Landon to accept as an option for play at first."
"He is beginning to jump down from 8 inches with only verbal/visual cues and one hand held."
"He has demonstrated the ability to catch 4 out of 4 throws using a 6 inch ball from 3 feet away."
-"Landon often initiates at writing tasks holding the writing tool in a gross grasp. He easily accepts support to switch to a fingered grasp.  Imitation of directional strokes is emerging."
-"Motor planning difficulties continues to make skills such as scissor use, bread stringing, and opening containers difficult. He demonstrated improved skills following repeated supported trials."
-Landon can articulate several consonant sounds- There include: p, b, m, n, t, d, k, g, h, and w. and at times a lateral /s/. The focus remains on establishing Landon's ability to readily produce them on command/in the moment."

That is some of his stuff.

They are not sick anymore, and that has helped this weekend greatly.

I will post more about logi soon.  I have Logi's meeting for the next 6 months Tuesday!


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