Monday, April 27, 2015

just the mom

In the big world of special education, of services coordinators, special educators, therapists, goals, IEPs, sensory diets, and the like, who Am I but mom? I just got off the phone after an awful conversation with Landon's teacher.  His speech has not been progressing, but I have seen progress in other areas, such as kicking, climbing, with his peers, eating lots of new foods, staying with me, following rules, etc.  I wanted to check how he was doing.  She says he has regressed.  Basically she said he will make more progress next year, so what wait?? for 5 more months.  She was not friendly or nice about it.  "Nice chatting with you" she remarked.  I immediately texted back that she could have touched base with me anytime, not wanting for me to contact her, etc.  I said I know you are not the mother of a special needs child, but we work hard, we work tirelessly, and we are easily hurt.  I kill myself with Landon, it is not his fault at all and I tell him that all the time.  How insensitive could someone be.

I am not anybody but mom, but that is the somebody all of us should remember.  We can't treat kids like they are a number.   That's why I hate labels.  Oh, you know Alejandro, the autistic boy, the downs girl, etc.  That is what you hear.  It is sickening.  It happens too.  Oh, she is a 70 IQ, you can't expect much.  I want them all to know that I do NOT CARE, NOT one bit what Landon's scores say, or what they think they see.  What I see is a huge amount of potential, a career, a family, a happy life.  I won't rest for a minute till everyone else sees that, not even thinking about it.  It is very sad what special education is these days.  I hope to one day find a place where kids are seen for their potential, not their progress;  their smiles, not their voices; and most importantly, their determination, not some stupid number that means nothing.

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