Saturday, May 9, 2015

Keepin on

Since that last post,  we have battled back.  Last weekend, I met with other moms of kids facing apraxia.  It was wonderful.  Our kids are each unique, but all of us do have kids with global apraxia and SPD, to varying degrees.  The other moms had older kids and my guy is still just 3.  One thing we talked a lot about was are our kids happy?  I can say with 100% certainty, that yes, Landon is very happy.  Logan is too.  Why are they happy?  I am not sure.  I think it's their disposition, they have a wonderful home, lots of love, and I do try to be patient with them.  The other thing I try to is not have their lives ruled with therapy.  I do a lot of work in context with them, but we have a lot of fun.  There are nights worse than others, but in general, we are positive, we keep it light, and I do praise for every little thing.  Landon loves praise.  He eats it up.  Logi is starting to get there too, puts a puzzle piece in, looks up for immediate reaction.  I am always willing to give it up.  They work hard.

I had to call the support teacher about the phone call I received last week.  And guess what, Landon had a better week.  He still cried walking in the big room where the climber was no more, but he gets over things quickly.  I received his progress report- 14 pages - yesterday, where he still continues to make progress.  The most progress is seen with his social skills and also his motor skills.  Speech is and will be the hardest part for him.  He is ingenius in how he communicates and he amazes me.

My friend Laura @  just wrote about the fight we parents have to have.  Mostly we fight for people to see what we see, to see the smart kid, the potential.  That is a hard fight.  I do fight that.  I write in each email to the team that we maintain high expectations for LANDON, and Logan too, but less of a fight at 24 months of age.  We do not give up goals for them.  If Landon decided he wanted to become a doctor, a mayor, a public speaker even,  I will devise a plan to get us there.  There is no end in the fight, the push, and the love i have for my boys.  Apraxia or not, they will be all that they were meant to be.

And that is really what awareness is about-- understanding the struggle, but never giving up the dream.

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