Friday, April 17, 2015

The voice

I am not referring to America's hit tv show, but instead, my voice, the one I have been blessed with at an early age, and am using currently to advocate for my boys.

I am a speech pathologist.  I love to talk.  I love to be with others and socialize.  I can assess someone's speech on the spot.  That's my thing.

My house is very quiet.  There is a lot of laughter, but it is not a talkative home.  I can drive home, talking to my boys, and hear nothing really.  I have to keep talking.

I am constantly on my husband, telling him to use longer sentences, to be engaging them more in conversation, even when no one can respond.

It doesn't matter.

We have to be there to model and teach our kids.

Twice this week, I had to contact Landon's school/teachers for concerns.  I really am not a big complainer, and I am very happy with Landon's program, but he can't speak up for himself, so I have to.

I emailed the SLP and said "Please understand-- I am my son's voice.  I have to stand up for him.  If I don't who will?  and then he will be lost."

Until my boys have words to speak for themselves,  I am on top of EVERYTHING, every aspect, and I won't rest as long as I am alive to do it.  There is not time to waste trying to please everyone.  My kids are my #1.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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