Sunday, April 26, 2015

so hard

What is hard is when you know.  I knew Landon had apraxia young.  I also thought by 18 months, there was a sensory piece involved.  I have known he was smart from very young.  I remember going to a play date with twin girls before Logi was born, so Landon was probably 17 months.  Landon was babbling dada the whole time we were there, and these girls really did not speak.  However, I knew there were no sensory issues, motor skills were great, nothing else, so I knew these kids would speak.  The next summer, we saw them again, and who was speaking in sentences and who wasn't. The kids are the same age.  The mother of the twin said to me, i am sure landon will talk early since he makes so many sounds.  I just smiled.  I already knew.

My neighbor has a just turned 3 year old.  At 2, he was not talking, and he started speech.  He had just a few words, but the words he had, he had. They never changed production and he was solid in them.  He also had amazing motor and play skills.  He was over today.  Guess who is not receiving speech anymore?  That boy.

It is hard because I knew all along.  I had really no idea it would be this severe or this difficult, but I knew.

God I pray that next year, Landon can be the boy speaking!

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