Thursday, April 23, 2015

Significant progress

Almost a month ago, Landon had his Annual Review meeting, which is his yearly meeting to discuss progress/programs.  As I sat down at it, I was sort of annoyed, because his teachers were not there, but the support teacher was.  I kind of wanted someone who worked right with him to be there with me, for me.  As we began reviewing everything, I kept hearing the words, "significant progress."  Landon has made significant progress in this, in that, in everything.  Everything EXCEPT speech.  But still, progress is progress.  I sat there and they asked me what I thought, and all I could really say was "speech is everything to me.  Without speech, I don't know where he can go, what he can do. He has to develop speech."  Someone said sometimes he is stubborn and does not want to say something.  I immediately stood up for my son, and said, he wants to; he just can't.  I get very defensive about my baby.  I kept thinking what is significant progress to me, do I use those words at school with kids who are still functioning years behind, and maybe I do.  I do know that since starting this journey, I am very much more understanding and patient with my students, parents, stupid tests I have to give.  I have sat at meetings and said to a parent, "This number is really nothing, but I have to tell you xyz."  My favorite boy, Alejandro was nonverbal in K.  He is now speaking in long sentences.  He is still on the spectrum.  He is also a joy.  I would be so proud if he was my son.  I love him so much.  He is up for re-eval.  He won't do well on the testing because he doesn't always think in a standardized way; he just doesn't.  He also gets off topic all the time.  He still has made significant progress.  For me, I have been on this road and through this.  I had Landon signed up for a typical preschool, then maybe ok, maybe he will need teacher services, ok he is going to a special needs prechool, finally, for next year, he will have a 1:1 aide.  It is a process.  Maybe I have made significant progress in accepting this, but it does not feel like it. Significant progress for me is no more IEP. That is too lofty of a goal.  I just want him to talk.  I could care less about anything else. 
So that is that, significant progress.  I am proud of him, and hopefully the next big progress is speech.  Iep finalized. Summer school starts July 6 and he is going all day next year to preschool. He will be exhausted.  At these meetings and in dealing with teachers, etc, best thing to remember is: You are the expert on your child.  I know Landon more than anyone, and no one will tell me differently.  He has made nice progress and he is capable of so much.  Nobody better sell him short.

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