Sunday, April 5, 2015

It's not your normal, but it is ours

Landon has been doing great.  I see improvements in everything but speech.  I will be glad for the improvements he is making everywhere.  He has just learned to jump down off something and even can jump onto something now.  This is great.  He was jumping on and off a stage the other day and off curbs etc.  He can jump very far when he leaps now.  so proud of him for that.  He is also learning to take his shoes off.  I mentioned that I wanted it worked out, and he is.  He has been able to take them off by himself if I loosen them a little bit.  Landon does not always initiate these skills, but once he practices them, he is so proud to get it.  He beams when he takes his shoes off.

We went to Target and the zoo yesterday morning.  I usually hate taking Landon to Target.  It is the only store I won't take him to, just not good in there, but he did great.  We walked in and I reminded him we were not going to look at the door, just keep walking.  We waved goodbye to the doors and moved on.  He stayed with me, helped put everything in the cart, and even looked at the toys.  He shows no interest in picking out a toy, but he did look and identified some when I asked.  I will take it.  I put his favorite book from school in the cart for his Easter basket and was so happy to find it.  Then we went to the zoo.  Usually Landon runs right in to the turtles and bypasses everything on the way.  Today I told him we were going to look at each exhibit, then get to the turtles.  He did awesome.  He was great looking at the ducks, and for the most part, stayed with me.  I got in the car and said to Alex, that they were really good.  He said all kids have bad days, speaking or not, but we hold them to high expectations, and that we do.  I thought I had to do a lot of verbal reminding and prompting, but I think that is ok.  It's not maybe what you have to do, but I do.

Today is Easter.  I have been talking up this silly bunny, and we colored eggs a couple times to make it easier to try, and we did 4 eggs each time. They tolerated it.  There were no tears like last year.  Neither were thrilled, but Landon even put some stickers on.  The basket.... Logan is still sleeping and it is 8am, so Landon and I went looking for the basket at 7am.  I did yes/no questions, with him, asking if this is a basket, or is a basket here?  He was able to nod his head yes when he saw it, but then did not want to look in.  He closed his eyes and hit me.  Of course Alex is ready with the camera and I was hit.  I told Landon if you look in, you may find something you like.  I told him I will wait until he is ready to look in the basket.  A minute went by, and he opened his eyes, and saw the book he loves.  He pulled it out, loved it, shook the eggs, and at least looked at and took out everything, with my support.

It is not your normal, but this surely is mine.

Happy Easter all.