Monday, March 9, 2015

Life with no FB

Is it weird I miss facebook?  I also realize how few true friends I have...  I am missing news about people, but without facebook, I would not know them.  People are announcing pregnancies, and other news, and without FB, and someone tell me they saw it on there, I would miss it.  When I get back on there, my plan is to make some statement about the real reason I HAD to get off there, trim my list down more to only people I feel will be supportive, and release some statement about my babies.  It's time to stop the hiding.  I think it's ridiculous to just be friends with people because I went to high school with them, so I need to really look at each person closely.  I am proud of my boys and want others to know.  I have more I could write, but got to go get my baby!

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  1. I can sooo relate to every post here. I keep saying I need to go through my Facebook friends, only keep those I'd like to know what's going on with my kiddos. But I haven't yet. The only apraxia posts I make is on Apraxia Awareness Day, otherwise, I honestly don't post much, just go on FB to see what my "friends" are doing, what the advice/vents of the day are on the apraxia support group pages. I should definitely do a FB fast.

    Thank you for your honesty on this blog, and thanks for stopping by mine. Glad to be blog buddies now. :)