Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Examples of global apraxia

I have thought of two concrete examples of what global apraxia looks like.

1) Sign language-  By 18 months, I could say Landon, "say more." and he would sign more.  It would kind of be a clap, but it was clear and evident.  He had "all done" also spontaneously sometimes.  One day I asked him to say all done and he clapped for more. Hmm where did that sign go and why is it more now?  Later, I realized he can concretely hold onto one sign and then the rest are prompted.  so there was a period he signed "star" for everything, would come up sign "Star" and you would have to figure it out.  These periods last a long time.  Next came again.  It is like charades.  Oh, again, oh you want a bath, or you want the ipad, whatever, but you came to me signing again.  I will notice the signs getting blurred, like a mix of two signs, then one day, the first one is gone, unless I prompt him (visually or sometimes I just start the sign for him).  Now his sign is please.  He signs please to me for everything, then I can say, oh you wanted again, and he will change it.  Interesting though.

2) Trike-  Landon learned at 21 months to get on and off ride on toys.  I had to teach him, but he did it. A trike is a little harder with pedals and other things in the way.  He started the school year not being able to get on and off the trike in PT.  He learned it in a few months, but went over break and the couple weeks before it not working on that, so last week, the trike was out, and he went to get on it, but got on backward, then could not figure it out.  Stupid motor sequence got lost.

It is such a frustrating process because everything is so much practice.

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