Thursday, November 27, 2014

What do I do

with my husband's comments constantly?  He is so critical of me and anything I do with the kids.  Lately it has gotten to where he says he doesn't trust me with them, I don't think about their safety, and I should know what to do since he works with older kids.  Today as usual at lunch, he is sulking.  I ask what's up?  He says I can't wait till they just eat on their own, whatever we give them.  Landon has actually gotten really good with his spoon, but sometimes he resorts back to his fingers.  I try to hold the bowl for him since he can't steady it and he feels better.  Alex remarks to him- that's what your other hand is for, buddy, but in a sarcastic way.  I wish Landon could say "I don't know how to use my two hands together, you idiot," but Landon accepts the help and continues on.  Then he tends to look closely at some things lately.  I think this is visual processing/sensory wise, but of course, Alex says, "ok, Landon, now that's just weird" and gets upset at him.  I just asked him, are you even happy at all? He says Kim, you are not happy, and I feel like I am as happy as I can be right now, but if I had a spouse who was supportive of my kids and not critical of me, I could handle all this better.

Then his thing is whenever we talk about a 3rd kid, that New York state can't afford all the services the 3rd kid will need :( :(

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