Saturday, November 1, 2014

Don't want to lower the expectations, but I have to be more understanding

I have not lowered any expectations for either of my children's lives.  I see kids in much worse off situations do well enough to make it through school and have a career.  I expect the same for both of my boys.

Halloweens are some of my best memories growing up, but to be honest,  I have no memory of this at 1-3 obviously, and the first Halloween I even remember, maybe I was like 6-7.  Landon knew it was Halloween. We have been reading Halloween books the last couple weeks, and yesterday I asked him is it Christmas, said no; is it your birthday, said no, is it Halloween, he said yea. So I was happy.  His costume, I didn't put any thought into and didn't really show or go over with him, so that's my fault.  He didn't want to wear it, but he did.  It was a little small.  We went outside to go, and he wanted to play outside.  I said no, we have to trick or treat.  My sister brought up a good point that it makes no sense, put a weird outfit on, go knock on someone's door, and get candy, which yesterday was the first time Landon ate candy.  He screamed at the first house and so I said to my  husband, that I would just take him for a walk and see if he wanted to go.  Logan was also flipping out.  We walked a bit, then decided to try a couple houses.  Landon was definitely confused, but he rang the doorbell and waited.  I took the candy when they offered it, and we did 2 houses like that.  He wasn't into it.  I tried a couple more and he shook his head no as we walked towards the door, so I guess he got that part but didn't want to.  We went home and he helped me hand out some candy to probably 10 people, then i just let him go inside to play.

Happy Halloween.  I wish I knew what he was thinking.  Was he scared? did he not like the costume on him? Did he want to be back with Logan?

Hoping next year, he can talk more, and I wouldn't have to guess...

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