Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Such hard workers

Things come easily to most people I meet.  I see kids everywhere speaking well, even kids living in poverty.  Somehow Logan is already the only kid at his daycare who can't wave on demand, at 18 months.  Craziness.  Where are all the other kids with delays?  Where are they all hiding?  My boys handle their delays differently.

Landon is frustrated.  He tends to try to get out of situations he can't do.  Since he was about 15 months, he was frustrated and would cry if he could not do something.  He has gotten much better with trying, but needs me there for him to try.  I am proud that he tries.  I am so proud of that boy.  So proud.  He is working on staying in prone for longer (laying on his belly).  I guess he can get up to 15 seconds, then fatigues.  Last year, this time, he could only do 5 seconds.  His little core can't take much longer yet, but he will try it. 

Logan is working on pointing.  I think he is months away, but I need him to point so he can show what he knows.  He will follow directions like go to the bath, go downstairs, go find Landon, but can't do where is your  belly, give mommy the dog (requires more motor planning).  The SLP yesterday told me that logan's personality hides his delays.  Annoying.  He is just a baby still. 

I think half these people forget that my kids have been in Early Interventions since 10 months.

Between all the evals and service providers and different supervisors, we have seen a good number of professionals:
PTs: 5
SLPs: 9
OTs: 8
Special Ed teachers: 6

Everyone says different things.  I have heard everything from working on social skills, too friendly, copies his brother, motor planning, lack of interest, low tone, choosing not to talk, etc.  I have heard so much crap. It's exhausting.  I think the new people forget that Landon has been in therapy for 2 years. They say things I already know or have heard.  Wish there was a file circulating with all the comments, so I don't hear the same ones. 

We continue on.  The boys are working hard and doing the best they can.  So are we as parents. We are trying the best we can.

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