Tuesday, December 2, 2014

1 quarter down

Landon is 1/4 through the school year.  We had a meeting/conference today with everyone who works with him.  I would say it went well.  In general, the staff was pretty laid back, some side convos, laughing, but it maintained positive.  

1) speech- doing great.  attempting approximations.  Getting closer to the words.  At times, refuses to use PECs and wants to speak.  Does better in small group/in speech.  Up to 8 consonants now.

2) He is happy- runs into school, works hard, tries his best.

3) He is beginning to show more independence with riding the trike, doing gross motor, and participated in yoga even for 5 minutes today.

4)best laugh and smile around

5) Using spoon well

6) attends to circle time.

7)is doing art projects without being brought over there'

8) can id name in print given choice of 2

Things to work on:
1) play skills.  needs adult support to try new play schemes, can't sequence them.

2) still can't turn knob

3) some sensory seeking continues

4) will play near kids, but not approach them

5) does not maintain play at areas for long enough

6) when asked to sort colors, puts them in the wrong boxes on purpose, then laughs

7)in class, does not speak much.

They are asking for a 1:1 for him next year, especially since he only has one more year before K.  He will be in a full day class next year:  845-230 daily, with speech 5x per week, OT 3x, PT 2x, music therapy 2x.

I will write more soon!

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