Thursday, November 6, 2014

Somedays I need a break

I haven't been on the apraxia kids page in probably 3 days.  That doesn't seem like a lot, but I always check it typically a few times a day.  Somedays I just want a break, a break from it all.  I don't want to read about another kid hitting a language spurt, or worse off, some person saying my kid has apraxia but at 24 months, they now have a 100 words, in 6 months.  #thatisnotapraxia

That part is hard.  I like to take breaks from social media for a bit sometimes and my hidden friends have now included people who post pictures of their nieces and nephews hitting milestones.  I like to remove myself from it all.

How are the boys?

Landon:  doing well at school, he wears a velcra vest now, and has a chewy tube hooked around him so he can use it if he needs to chew.  I guess he is Mr. charming, super flirty, and a happy, happy boy.  He loves going in now and is working hard.  Today was the first time he got on and off the trike all by himself at school (he has done it at home, but can't transfer since it's not the same item!).  The SLP he has is very good and I think he is loved.  He is talking more.  He is signing more and is trying to repeat.  He is super inconsistent and most structures are VC or CV still.   Did I mention he is painting now?  He is doing much better with art.  They said it is hard for him to expand his play.  He can do the first step, but not much beyond that.  In that regard, it's hard for him to try new things.  He knows what he knows and he doesn't want to mess up. This note came home the other day:  Landon is such a joy to have in class, I just want to say how happy he makes us all. His smile is contagious. Oh I almost forgot, he did some beautiful peer interactions today. He was playing something like "duck duck goose" w/ Stephie, and then at circle he had a nice moment w/ Amelia where they both were touching each other's hair and smiling at each other!
Much better to read that than the crap I read last year.  I am having a hard time getting him away from the ipad and computer when he gets home.  He really likes being outside, but it's getting too cold for that.  It is a balance.

Logan:  Logan is better at imitating than Landon, yet he has less sounds in his inventory than Landon had at the same age.  Still not pointing and still has trouble lifting his arms up.  Definitely more low tone than Landon.  He is doing well playing with his peers, doing better with the straw, and is described as a daredevil.  At 18 months, all his therapy is push in, within the classroom, with the other kids there, which makes sense for him.  he enjoys daycare and I guess loves to observe and laugh at the other kids.  He is a pretty happy guy.  He is getting good at imitating some motions to songs.

I guess that is it for updates.  I am proud of how much these boys work to get skills others take for granted.

Have a nice night!!

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