Friday, November 21, 2014

A puzzle

I hear that a lot- your son is a puzzle.  Sucks.  Is there no one else like him?  Can't someone actually go research global apraxia and have an idea what he is going through?  Today his note from school said "working on getting Landon to attend and participate in circle.  He loves the music but won't perform the action.  We are working on just one instead of the two steps like tapping his knees and head, he would just do one."  I want to go off saying.... even ONE of those is next to impossible for him.  He can't identify body parts on himself and can't quickly just do those motions.  I imagine he is frustrated, but i am frustrated too.  I feel like no one gets him still.  I have a meeting on 12/2 and I will do my best to explain things.  I need to get some research articles to bring or something.  global apraxia is debilitating in many ways.  He is locked inside himself.

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