Monday, December 22, 2014

in 2014

In 2014, with a lot of hard work!!,

Landon has learned to:

-use a spoon
-use a hand to stabilize something to pull on it
-beginning to turn wrist
-enjoy painting for a short period of time
-sign more words
-jump with 2 feet
-jump forward
-nod his head yes
-blow kisses
-take bites of bigger items, like strips
-use incredibly novel ways to communicate
-climb a ladder
-climb a rock climbing wall
-go on the slide on his belly
-follow 2-step directions that are not novel
-understand pretty much everything I say to him
-transition easier
-understands first then, or countdown
-wait his turn with some support
-share with a prompt
-love his brother
-identify more body parts
-shapes, numbers, colors, letters
-increase his consonant inventory
-attempt to imitate
-kick a ball lightly
-ride a trike with help (he can keep his body on but not pedal)
-speak more words on a daily basis
-prompt his own face for sounds

in 2015, I just want him to talk.  I am sure in 2016 I will have more prayers that may be more academic or worried about Kindergarten.  Right now, i know if he can talk, he can get a job doing something.  He will be less frustrated.  It will be easier to learn and do other skills because he can share with me what he needs to do something.  I just want him to talk.  I will give, barter, trade anything for my perfect boy to talk.  That is the prayer again as we enter 2015 and for Logan,  I just want him to point and begin to talk.  I still can't believe I have two kids with this. It is not fair.  I just want them to be happy and feel good about themselves.

Dear God, please, please, please, help my babies to talk, to speak, to share their words and thoughts.  To God be all the Glory,  Amen.

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