Thursday, December 11, 2014


"Logan is delayed"

This is what I heard this AM about 9:20 during Logan's physical therapy session.  We have a snowday so the therapist came here.  2 others were cancelled (Landon music tx, Logan teacher).  Logan is 19 months old.  He has said words such as hi, aw/alldone, yea, mama, and maybe that is it.  I get it, he is behind.  He cannot point or isolate his index finger yet.  He has trouble lifting his arms when he wants to.  However, he copies everything he sees that he can.  He can do the stairs without holding on pretty much, he tries to jump, he climbs everything, and did I mention how he puts blankets on his head to play peekaboo, gives the best hugs, and can follow simple instruction, like kiss me, put it in. So, the PT this AM looks at me and says, "he is delayed."  I am sorry, but I think of delay like he is not walking at all, or on a gtube.  He has motor planning difficulties.  Things will take him longer, I get it.  He was engaged with reading something with me and she pulled him back and made him step over her leg to get back to me.  He threw himself on the ground.  She said "look- he can't do it."  I said "he just wanted to be over here, not pulled back."  Annoyed.  Give kids a break.

Even Landon. Yes, I guess he is "delayed."  He is still amazing, perfect, smart, happy, and he makes me so proud.  So does Logi.  At the next meeting, they better watch out, because this mama bear is getting a little ticked with looking for faults all the time. How about we try to find things our kids are good at for once???


  1. Oh Kim I know it's hard. It's always hard to hear, but I guess I would personally want everyone to be honest with me. Ashlynn IS delayed, and it sucks...but that's the truth. The why is she has apraxia.

  2. I just don't need to hear if all the time. They know landon has apraxia, so I get what it means. Ugh. Therapy for a baby seems pointless sometimes!!