Saturday, December 6, 2014

"it looks hard"

I have a few thoughts today.

Thanksgiving, my kids did ok.  They got there a little late, but weren't upset coming in or unhappy.  Landon begged for the phone, but so did a lot of the kids there since eventually we kind of ran out of stuff to do.  There was a mini carnival, which was hard of course.  My sister has 2 kids, one is just a newborn.  Her oldest is typical typical typical, advanced really, and he's easy.  He is mild mannered and laid back naturally.  My brother in law is a quiet guy.  He is pretty easy going too.  He had a lot of questions about apraxia on Thanksgiving.  When will Landon hit his stride? When will it get easier for Landon to speak? Do I think Logi is more severe or less? Then he just said something probably honest and said "it looks hard."  He didn't mean apraxia specifically, but he meant parenting the two kids I have, looks hard.  I actually think any 2 kids 18 months apart would be very difficult, but yes, this is hard.  it's hard for many reasons, most of which you all know.  Interesting to hear something from an outsider.

I am busy cleaning cleaning cleaning.  We have to move. When?  I do not know, but we have to go.  It's scary, because It will all fall on me obviously, and I will be the one deciding where to next.  We can't stay in the school system we are in.  Very sad.  I had planned for my boys to go to private school, so it didn't matter where we lived, but now, living in the city, they won't get the attention they will both need.  boo.  I have no money for a new house.  I think we will need to list within the year,but I am already starting to get rid of stuff and organize, for my sanity.

Logi has another OT eval coming up I requested.  Landon is doing great with speech.  Needs more help sensory wise, but hopefully that'll improve.  Life keeps going.

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