Sunday, December 28, 2014


The kids have been busy, out at Christmas parties or visiting friends on the 24, 25, 26, and 27.  Today, I promised them it would be more low key.  They overall were very good.  Landon understands Christmas.  We read a ton of Christmas books, and he even let me read most of the "Night before Christmas" on Christmas eve to him.  He does better seeing something the first time and knowing what to expect maybe.  Like breakfast with Santa. He was ok there, but then the next week, at church, he was trying to get back in there.  maybe he was thinking, I will know what to do now and sit with Santa longer, whatever. Who knows.  He refused to open most gifts.  It's funny because he opened them last year with me (sat on my lap fine), but now he prefers to do things on his own, and maybe he knew he could not, combined with all the pressure and people watching him.  He has enjoyed playing with a lot of his new toys.  Christmas day just felt overwhelming, but he was very good on Christmas Eve.  A little at a time.  what I did notice is the constant questions.  I always put myself in his shoes and I was shocked by how many questions people asked him.  Examples:
How old are you?
What's that?
What does a duck say?
What did Santa Bring you?

He shuts down in situations like this.  Why does no one ever say. Which animal says "baa" or "show me your book."  Everything is expressive.  I was overwhelmed for him.  At one party, he was berated with questions and it was just too much.

Logan like ripping the wrapping paper off and is doing so well in many areas.  I actually have seen nice improvement with Logi since he has been home with me for a week and I am working with him.  I have more to write, but no time right now.

I will write more soon.  just been thinking of the questions and pressure!


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