Friday, June 27, 2014

It will be ok

This ride is a roller coaster. Sometimes bright spots can seem hard to find, but you gotta embrace them. Today is Landon's last day at daycare. He runs in everyday, happy as can be, likes to help take the chairs down since he's the first one there. He's ok for me to go. Last year, when he first started, I was home on maternity leave, and saw the kids walk by my house. Each kid holds part of a group rope and I was frantically looking for Landon. I couldn't find him. He was about half a house behind, sprawled out on the sidewalk. He wasn't used to walking up to an hour, holding this rope, and he couldn't tell anyone this was his house they were passing. Today Alex yelled that he was walking by. There he was, holding the rope with everyone else. He is such a good rule follower. I made an excuse to go find him and drove by as he was waiting to cross the street. I pulled out, put the window down, and yelled "hi Landon". He turned and beamed. He looked at his teacher, then waved to me with just one hand, I blew him a kiss, he blew one back. In that moment, I thought "everything will be ok."