Thursday, June 26, 2014

Am I just in denial?

I don't know.  I see some signs of ASD, but I feel they can be explained due to lack of speech and then some sensory concerns.  am I just in denial? Is he just at the wrong place?  so much is so hard to understand because he can't communicate.  He got mad that the SLP did not bring the Kaufman cards today.  I guess she had some other cards, but not the ones they have been using.  He started crying and he hit her.  I am guessing if he could say it, he might say other cards, or where are they? and why she did not have them? i have no idea.  I still feel like his target words are so wishy washy.  Why are we introducing new words, if the others are not there yet?

Anyways, the SLP said Landon is now obsessed with the clock.  We have clocks here- haven't seen that.  She said he is liking to put an item on the table and then duck up and down to look at it. And she is hearing less words than a few weeks ago.  I sort of agree with that, but there are days he is very verbal.  I think that is part of the apraxia.

Visual stims
Likes letters/numbers/shapes
Lack of expressive language
difficulty with pretend play, but emerging is there
Trouble initiating play with peers
Hates the doctor
Does not always follow directions, even though i know he understands them

Could all of that be explained by cas and spd?  and let's be honest.  It doesn't matter. he is who he is and I will still have the same treatment.

But anyways,  I am feeling like a change come September sounds good to me...

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