Monday, June 30, 2014

blood work

I am nervous now.  Landon is getting his blood drawn right now, and i hate that I had to send him for that.  Poor baby.  I told him he was going to the doctor's, but I am not sure what he understood.  He happily left with Dada, probably think there was a park involved.  We took him to a naturopath in Watertown a week ago.  We had to be there at 9am and left at 745.  Landon was so good in the car and we never travel a distance since we are so close to everything here.  He and I sang songs, practiced with his Touch chat, and we had some snacks.  He was a doll.  He got there and he hates doctors, but he went in all happy.  I brought toys and he played in the office while we talked to her.  She felt like maybe he would fall on the old PDD-NOS, but he doesn't typical ASD.  She felt he was very connected and engaged.  She was curious on the impact of vaccines, diet, toxins, etc, so she ordered a lot of bloodwork.  Soon we will know if he has the MTHFR mutation, or in deficient in a nutrition, what allergies he has, etc.  This will he helpful.  Since then, we are trying to cut out the processed foods. Very difficult, when in Syracuse, healthy eating is not the fad.  I will let you know the results, to my readers :)

I hope he was ok- lots of appointments lately and then today is beginning our summer therapy schedule. Boo!!


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