Saturday, May 31, 2014

The days life stinks

It's small stuff, but it does sting.....

Today I received Landon's report in the mail.  I said I wasn't going to read it, but I read most of it.  It was 26 pages long.  Not one positive was mentioned.  It didn't say anywhere that he has a wonderful smile, laugh, is happy, or affectionate, or has a great memory.  Nothing.  It did say, however, that he is delayed in every area of development.  Not a good feeling, not when you have been working with your child since utero pretty much, and he has been getting services since 10 months.  logan is headed the same way and i will probably have to write this same post in the future, and it is very much not fair.  I know many others have kids with worse issues, or maybe they never could have kids, but it hurts very much and it just isn't getting easier.

Then our babysitter cancelled on us last minute, we scrambled around and got Alex's parents for part, then my dad.  I just got home at 10:10.  All my dad says is "kinda late, huh" and then pretty much leaves.  UGH.

I wish my mom was here.

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