Monday, May 19, 2014

Silly Landon

Landon has always had such a silly, silly personality.  His laugh is the best and he makes me so happy when he is happy.  He has always been a great sleeper and loves to nap.  Yesterday was the first time he resisted taking his nap.  I put him in his room, in his bed, and watched him leave on the monitor.  He came downstairs, he was playing in my room, he was everywhere.  I put him back in there and put the gate up.  He clearly understands what he needs to do. He cracked me up.  He kept taking all his blankets, stuffed animals, toys in his bed and throwing them out over the gate.  I would put them back in, without talking to him, and direct him to bed. Eventually, all his trains were out there too ha ha. After an hour, I brought him downstairs, gave him a snack, and then he went back up.  I checked on him about 20 minutes later and couldn't find him in his room, but the gate was there, and I know he can't get over that gate, so I looked everywhere. He was sleeping behind his train table on the floor lol.  he was curled up with his little blanket.  I put him in his bed and smiled, thinking, what a silly, smart child who I love to pieces :)

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