Saturday, May 3, 2014

Behavioral stuff I am working on

Things with Landon we are working on:
-hitting when frustrated
-trouble initiating a task
-not wanting to try if he thinks he can't do it.
-trying to follow the sensory diet as closely as possible

Sensory issues:-- are these?
-peering over books
-tapping table with fist?
-opening the doors just to slam them
-too much peekaboo?
-throwing toys if unsure what do
-occasionally rolling/spinning toys, especially when unsure of motor planning

This week: Speech eval and OT eval.

I am hoping to qualify for :
5 hours per day of an 8:1:3 program, integrated setting
4x 30 minutes of speech, pull out- individual
2x30 minutes, OT, pull out- individual
2x30 minutes, -PT, one time push in, one time pull out, individual

HAPPY WEEKEND... my mind doesn't leave my kids.  I will be glad when the testing is done and his meeting is 6/4.

Logan starts speech next week too... He only was approved for 12 visits in 4 months, because he eats all kinds of foods now and not self feeding is not keeping him from gaining weight.  Welcome to the system of giving less is better! blah.

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