Sunday, May 18, 2014

Tough decisions

I am facing a tough decision, between Landon's placement and my school.

Landon is being recommended for a SCIS class-  Special class integrated setting (typical kids and kids like mine).  I have toured about 5 of them and am choosing between 2 of them now:

park hill which is part of BOCES @ children's village


SPICE which is part of elmcrest


Park Hill
-2 miles from home
-lovely indoor gym area
-all related services people met with me when I toured, great areas for OT/PT
-kids seemed more typical
-2 days per week, mixed with 16 typical peers, 2 days per week, just the group of 8 who are special needs

-not prompt trained, but experienced SLP
-Only 2.5 hours per day  9-1130  Mon-thurs and every other week, they have a friday session

is that not enough time to get speech 4x, pt 2x, and ot 2x??
how can i work with that schedule?!?

-8-1 program  mon-fri
-staff seemed nice
-classrooms had lots of activities
-there are structured/unstructured times
-music therapy available

not prompt trained, not much experience on apraxia,  but having luck finding this
is that too long of a day?
-kids seemed more severe

I can work with this one.

then there is my school, Delaware Academy, in syracuse.  We are in big trouble and this is our 4th year restructuring.  We are the lowest performing school in all of new york state (Even nyc). We are not doing well.  Next year, we may stay open and the hours are 730-230. My director is trying to find a way for me to split between schools so I can drop off Landon. my inlaws would pick up.  Then, there is the part of me saying work with itinerant kids, get work with an agency and take the year off, but then there is the other part saying, this is the last year of delaware, because after that the district has suggested we become a charter school.  I really do need to work.  I don't make much money, we have debt to pay off, and Alex is a teacher too.  I hate working not knowing what is going on with my kids and having a hard time at work.  If Landon is in the right place, will it be easier??



  1. Only you can decide what's best for you and your family, Kim. I wish I had advice, but there aren't ever any easy answers.

  2. Thanks, Laura. I wish SLPs made slightly more money, or my hubby did!!