Friday, May 2, 2014

Blogging/apraxia group friends

One weird benefit of going through the process where your son does not develop alongside the milestones society sets up, is meeting new friends.  My friends here in Syracuse are a few from highschool, some work friends, and some other friends I see infrequently.  I am so busy with my kids, and I trust very few people to watch Landon, since they don't know what he is saying and I don't want him frustrated without me there, that it is hard.  I have talked to probably 5 friends I met on my apraxia page.  What a relief.  Some of their kids are talking a lot now; some have not spoken a word, but we are all united in that feeling of worrying about your child and trying to figure out a way to help.  It's that feeling of utter sadness that kind of stays with you even after  a good night's sleep.  It is hard to explain.  It just does not feel good.  But there is pride in hearing a new word, or sound, or learning a difficult task. Someone blogged today about trying new things that are hard.  My son is not that good at this.  Now he knows he can do puzzles, so he will try new ones.  He JUST learned how to use a spoon, so he seems a little more willing; however, today he scooped too much and it was falling off the spoon and he was screaming.  he can't use the second hand to put the rest of it up on the spoon.  As Landon's PT said the other day, he is not a "tryer."  I am not much of a tryer. I hope he did not get that from me.  Alex put him on Almond Milk, just because it's healthier and I refused to try it.  I am not good at that part of my life.  I avoid things too, especially that are difficult.  So does Landon.  I get him.  I get a lot of the other mom's I have met.  I get the struggles their kids are having.  I also know together we will all make it through this.  I feel comforted in that. 
Have a nice day.

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